The Road to Salmon, Idaho

After finally settling into my home in Boise, Idaho my dad informed me that he would be hunting elk in October. He'd be staying at my cousin's home in North Fork, Idaho, slightly north of Salmon. I opted to travel to him during his trip. At this point, I had visited a few different places in Idaho, but little did I know this trip would make my spirit bloom.

Due to weather and fire conditions near Lowman, I took the long route. I had a late start, and by the time I arrived in Arco it was completely dark, but an incredible sunset lit up the Tetons along the way. Between the Castle Rock viewing point and Carey, ID, The sprawling Camas Praire was cathartic. Dotted with old farmhouses and worked soil. As the evening drew on, the mountains became ablaze.

At Corral, I came upon this old schoolhouse.

Corral Schoolhouse, All rights reserved for 5th House

As the dark closed in, I accepted that I would not see this area in day light again until my return home. I drove on to North Fork, Idaho to see my father.

Upon waking up early in the morning, after a stressful stretch of elevation climb at the end of my journey, I really had to adjust my senses. However, wasting time was not an option. My dad put a swift coffee in our hands and down the road we went to sight see.

I'd been here before... we'd visited my cousin here when I was young, but it was like seeing it all with new eyes. I believe when we're younger, we expect all of these beautiful things to just exist, like they've been there all along, and they'll never go away. Since those days, I've experienced profound loss, and life and the things in it aren't so permanent. Appreciation for God's grace ensues, and in the North Fork of the Salmon River.... it hit me like a tank. My head was spinning all directions to see all the beauty, my heart was burning. Everything was golden! The crisp October air filled my lungs, and everything was good. Heading down Salmon River road, we approached a good spot to pull off and view the waters. I grabbed my camera and didn't put it down til we returned to my cousin's cabin that evening.

Salmon River, North Fork All rights reserved, 5th House

At one point we watched a healthy buck cross 'the river of no return', and gad up the rocky mountain side.

My favorite stop of the trip was at a ranger station. The fall colors contrasted against the buildings' stark white and green paint in such a lovely way.

What a perfect Fall day!

As the day closed, the temperature dropped, and we turned around to head back to the hunting camp. During my visit in October, Steelhead and salmon fishing was peaking. I didn't get a license, while I enjoy fishing a lot, I just didn't have the equipment or the time. That evening, I did some research to learn more about the steelhead run.